Hair Loss and their caused

Thinning hairline 1

The hair is uprooted with scar tissue, caused by tight braids on prolong wears

Thinning hair 2

Hair had braided right after chemical treated

Flake scalp

This happen when doing quick weave on unclean hair and wearing the stlyle more than a month.

Traction hair loss (napeline) 1

Caused by tight braid and tight sew in weave and scalp burn by chemical relaxer

Thinning hair in the crown area

This is caused by sewing in weave after chemical treat, and after two (2) month wear, then take down then applied chemical relaxer and proceed to sew in weave again

Traction hair loss 2

The hair is being overprocess by chemical hair relaxer

Thinning hairline 3

The hair had braid too tight after the service of chemical hair relaxer the same day

Thinning napeline

Caused by the constant weave of tight ponytail hairstyle

traction hair loss (on hairline)

Caused by too much weight of wearing tight braid after chemical treated over and over again